Quebec TV stations

There is a host of TV stations in Quebec, including cable and broadcast television and English-language and French-language channels.

TV Networks

The main TV networks in Quebec are Tele-Quebec, V, TVA, and Radio-Canada, with local TV stations operating in Sherbrook, Gatineau-Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, Saguenay, and elsewhere. Operators include the Government of Quebec, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Société Radio-Canada, Shaw Media, and others. The most watched television network in Quebec is TVA, with both English-speaking and francophone audience.

Cable Television

There are cable television services as well, including large companies such as Cogeco and Videotron. Satellite companies also feature TV channels, including IPTV Services, Shaw Direct, and Bell TV. Microwave services are also available. Shaw Direct, for example, offers pay-per-view service, pay television, and direct broadcast satellite service. Among the key services are Movie Central, The Movie Network, NHL Centre Ice, and NFL Sunday Tickets. Customers also enjoy programming by a host of affiliate stations such as PBS, NBC, Fox, CBS, and ABC. Bell TV is another satellite company that is based in Quebec, Montreal and offers pay-per-view, pay television, and direct broadcast services. The company also offers interactive services and 3D TV, as well as international, sports and music programming. Customers enjoy a wide selection of channels such as CNN, BBC Kids, Comedy Gold, and many others. The main competitors are Cogeco, Videotron, Telus, Shaw Communications, and Rogers Communications. Videotron is also headquartered in Montreal, Quebec and offers a selection of standard and premium services such as wireless communication and VoIP telephony, cable internet and cable TV, and others. Customers are offered access to a wide selection of channels in Sanguenay, Gatineau, Quebec City, Montreal, and elsewhere. Cogeco, another cable company in Quebec, offers data services and digital telephony as well as cable television. The company advertises business solutions and residential services, including hosting, internet, and phone services, among others. Specialized services and custom solutions are also offered, among which call forwarding, visual call waiting, call display, voice mail, and others.


Loan Options for Quebec Residents with Bad Credit

There are different finance solutions for Quebec customers with bad credit, depending on the loan purpose and amount, employment, income, and more.

Credit Cards

There are credit cards that are designed for customers with poor or fair credit. One idea is to apply for a secured card that has a limit equal or smaller than the deposit made. The good news is that some issuers require a deposit of $500, and customers are offered the chance to rebuild or establish credit. Major issuers such as Capital One, Home Trust, Scotiabank, and others offer secured and guaranteed cards to Quebec residents. Unions also feature secured options. To apply, customers are asked to fill in employment, income, and personal information such as business telephone, occupation, current employer name, and occupational status, i.e. retired, student, self-employed, seasonal, part-time, or full-time. Some issuers also ask for information such as type of ID, expiry date and place of issue, income level and amount, social insurance number, and previous and home address. There are also credit cards for bad credit such as guaranteed and prepaid cards but the latter are somehow similar to debit cards, and payments are not reported to the bureaus. A department store card is one alternative to build credit but the rate may be slightly higher.

Auto Loans

If you need auto financing and have poor credit, there are several options to look into. Some issuers cater specifically to borrowers with less than perfect and compromised credit but this can be a warning sign. It is a good idea to comparison shop and contact different lenders because some issuers may turn your application down while others will look at it in a more positive light. Your insurance company is the next stop as some insurers offer auto financing. The same goes for some businesses, and it pays to ask your employer. Check with your credit union as well if you are a regular customer and have a savings or checking account there. Unions offer better rates than banks and subprime lenders and may be willing to extend auto financing to customers with tarnished credit. Another idea is to contact the manufacturer and ask if they offer rebates or auto financing for new vehicles. Check with other issuers as well, including online services, peer to peer networks, regional and national banks, etc.

Student Loans

The majority of students are young and have little experience with credit. There are different finance options to look into, one being a student credit card with a low interest rate, student discounts, or no annual fee. Another option is to apply with a major bank or union but you may need a cosigner with a solid payment history and healthy credit. This can be a close friend, family member, or your parents. Many issuers offer loans with higher rates because you are a risky customer. A secured loan is also an option if you have some asset of value to pledge as collateral.

There are other options if you have tarnished credit, one being a cash or salary advance by your employer. A payday loan is a last resort because of the high charges and short terms. This is an option in case of medical or another emergency.

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